Review Training Needs

Clubs can identify if and when further training is needed by continually reviewing the skills and knowledge of its new and current volunteers.

Volunteer Training Review

  • The following questions will help clubs identify if their volunteers need (further) training or support:
    • What training has the volunteer undertaken to date?
    • Have the qualifications, skills and knowledge gained by the volunteer allowed him/her to be more effective in their role? (This can be determined by observation, questioning and reviewing their role description.)
    • Was the training suitable? If the training did not fix the gap, why not? Was the training too simple or too complex? Perhaps a different delivery method would have been best.
    • Would the volunteer recommend the training to others? Keep records of this feedback for future reference.
    • Has the volunteer’s role changed significantly?
    • Do the training requirements of the role need to be re-assessed? Ongoing review is important for determining what the job entails and whether the training is meeting the needs of the role.
    • Is the volunteer enjoying his/her role and do they feel valued?
    • Does the training (or the qualifications) require an annual revision or update (i.e. coaching updates, senior first aid, sports trainers, etc)?
    • Would the volunteer benefit from a mentor?
    • Are there any budgetary concerns that need addressing?

Volunteer Training Plan

After determining the training needed by each new and current volunteer using a Volunteer Training Review, clubs should document their training plans. Completing a Volunteer Training Plan will help clubs summarise and maintain details relevant to the role (e.g. contact details, the training required/undertaken, the training provider, the date of the training and costs).

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