Funding the Training

Training programs vary greatly in cost; many are free while others incur significant fees. At the beginning of each financial year clubs will need to consider how they will fund their volunteers’ training.

Ways in which clubs can support volunteers to undertake training:

  • allocate funds in the annual budget for volunteer training and development.
  • gain sponsorship to pay for courses.
  • reimburse volunteers for training fees once they have completed a course and/or after a specified period of time (e.g. after a year of coaching).
  • pay for travel costs to attend courses (i.e. petrol).
  • work with other clubs (same sport or different) to run suitable joint courses in the local area. This will save money and time and reduce travel.
  • run training at the club for a number of volunteers (e.g. first aid).
  • fundraise with the specific purpose of training volunteers.
  • apply for grants designed to support volunteer training (see ‘Grants for Volunteers’ section).

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