Welcome and Induction

First impressions are important – even in a club. For some volunteers, an induction could be their first introduction to the club. If your club has a number of people starting volunteer work at the same time, consider running a group induction (such as at the beginning of each season).

Inductions help volunteers:

  • feel welcomed and valued
  • understand the club
  • understand their role and what is expected of them.

Inductions help clubs:

  • reduce risk
  • demonstrate professionalism in their approach to volunteering
  • provide a safe environment for volunteers
  • support volunteers.
  • When inducting new volunteers:
    • provide a welcoming letter from the Volunteer Coordinator or club president
    • create a generic or adaptable induction manual for each new volunteer (see Induction Manual template in the next section)
    • ensure that your existing volunteers and key people know that a new volunteer is starting prior to their arrival
    • have the president of the club make a personal phone call
    • hold a welcome function (may be cost effective if several volunteers join around the same time)
    • ensure they are aware of their rights and responsibilities
    • ask someone from the club to introduce the volunteer to other key members (create a checklist to ensure everyone is covered).
    • give guided tours of the clubrooms and facilities.
    • discuss how they will access facilities and equipment.
    • issue keys if appropriate.
    • provide them with relevant merchandise (e.g. this could be a specific volunteer shirt or club uniform).
    • provide a list of the names of players.
    • provide necessary information regarding any medical or other conditions of the players.
    • connect them with a buddy.
    • stagger the induction so that they are not overloaded with too much information all at once.

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