Induction Manual

Induction manuals/packs provide volunteers with information about their roles and about the club and its policies and procedures. They are also part of the risk management strategy needed to protect clubs.

An induction manual (like the template below) could include:

  • a welcoming letter
  • history of the club
  • contact details: club, emergency, externals
  • the club’s mission, values, philosophies and objectives
  • copy of the role description
  • role procedures
  • training information
  • volunteer rights and responsibilities
  • relevant policies
  • the process for claiming expenses
  • details on any budgets that may be attached to the position
  • membership form (if not already signed)
  • risk management procedures
  • grievance procedures
  • emergency procedures
  • occupational health and safety procedures.

Add to Action Plan  Action Plan Tips

Description: Create an Action Plan for your club:

• Click on suggested actions and send them directly to your Action Plan.
• Login in to modify/tailor your Action Plan.
• Save and revisit your plan.
• Share access with others.
• Keep track of completed tasks.