Assign a Buddy

It can be overwhelming for volunteers to join or take on a new position within a club, especially if they do not know any of the current members. Asking for help can also be difficult. Assigning a buddy to new volunteers can help them through these early stages. A buddy is a person who is partnered with the volunteer in an informal way to help them learn about the club and their role.

‘Buddy’ role description.

  • exchange contact details with the volunteer
  • contact the new volunteer regularly
  • answer any questions
  • support the new volunteer in getting to know the club
  • help break down barriers that may exist
  • introduce the new volunteer to members
  • informally educate the volunteer about the club’s structure and culture.
  • Characteristics of a good buddy:
    • approachable
    • positive
    • willing to take on the role
    • good role model for the club
    • good communicator
    • similar age/background (not critical but can be helpful)
    • knowledgeable about the club/or role
    • has a history with the club (been around for a while and knows what’s what).
  • Benefits for the buddy:
    • chance to help people and the club
    • development of new skills, e.g. communication, conflict resolution, mentoring
    • valuable addition to a resume
    • provides a sense of achievement.

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