Provide Support for the Volunteer Coordinator

How does/will your club support your Volunteer Coordinator?

It is important that Volunteer Coordinators (or teams) do not feel isolated or overwhelmed in their position. Clubs need to support this role and understand its importance.

Clubs should support their Volunteer Coordinators by:

  • including a standing agenda item for “Volunteer Matters” to club committee meeting agenda
  • offering to fill the position with a team of people
  • offering resources such as policies and procedures that support the role
  • arranging for treasurers to work with Volunteer Coordinators to develop a volunteer budget
  • developing an induction program for the Volunteer Coordinator
  • providing training if required
  • maintaining open communication
  • making them feel valued
  • ensuring the club has adequate insurance to cover volunteers within the club
  • ensuring the club is incorporated (under the Associations Incorporation Act)
  • applying for grants to support volunteers
  • promoting this and other resources

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