Role and Benefits of a Volunteer Coordinator

What is a Volunteer Coordinator?

A Volunteer Coordinator helps manage the volunteers in a club. In small clubs, the position could be filled by one person or, in larger clubs, by a team of people, each with defined tasks. For example, a team of three might divide the role into the following tasks:

  • finding and inducting new volunteers
  • record keeping and formal processes
  • recognising volunteers and succession planning.
  • coaches
  • officials
  • other volunteers
  • Volunteer Coordinators (or teams) benefit clubs by:
    • breaking down volunteer roles into smaller roles or tasks
    • acting as a designated person to support volunteers
    • helping increase the number of volunteers
    • assisting in the retention of volunteers
    • protecting the club by ensuring that club policies and procedures are followed
    • assigning tasks and spreading the workload among volunteers to prevent 'burnout'
    • maintaining clear communication channels with the committee or board
    • ensuring volunteers feel valued and supported.
  • The role of a Volunteer Coordinator (or team) may include:
    • ensuring clubs have the appropriate policies and procedures to support volunteers
    • promoting volunteer opportunities and attracting volunteers to the club
    • identifying a complete list of volunteers required for the club
    • identifying roles and responsibilities of volunteer positions
    • recruiting volunteers and matching them to specific roles
    • selecting and screening volunteers
    • inducting new volunteers
    • identifying training opportunities
    • recognising and rewarding volunteers
    • keeping records and documenting relevant information on volunteers
    • ensuring a future for the club by developing volunteers to take on future roles within the club (succession planning)
    • maintaining good communication channels between volunteers and the rest of the club.
  • Volunteer Coordinators (or teams) may also be involved in:
    • season planning
    • resolving conflict
    • working with the secretary to organise volunteer rosters and maintain records
    • submitting regular reports to the club / group committee
    • developing a policy on volunteering in conjunction with the rest of the club
    • ensuring that volunteering is addressed in the club's strategic plan.

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