Identify and Appoint a Volunteer Coordinator

Who should you appoint as Volunteer Coordinator or team member?

Look for people who:

  • communicate effectively
  • are organised
  • have good interpersonal skills
  • are enthusiastic
  • are optimistic
  • are flexible
  • are trustworthy
  • are approachable
  • Who could take on the role or roles?
    • individuals with a HR background
    • managers / supervisors
    • retirees
    • parents of players
    • a good ‘people’ person
    • anyone who is willing
  • How to generate interest in the Volunteer Coordinator position?
    • Start with a warm, personal invitation. Discuss the valuable contribution the person would make and the confidence you have in his/her ability.
    • Reference this resource - pointing out that much of the information, templates and procedures have already been developed.
    • Emphasise the importance of the role and how it can support volunteers and the club.
    • Offer to make the role a shared position if necessary (i.e. develop a VC team).
    • Consider establishing a budget for the club's volunteers.
    • Emphasise that the club has made a commitment (via its strategic plan) to supporting volunteers.

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