Promote Volunteer Opportunities

Considerations when promoting vacant roles in your club

There are many ways to promote volunteering opportunities within your club. The method you choose will depend on:

  • who you want to target
  • the urgency of the position being filled
  • your budget
  • the type of position.

Why have recruitment / promotion strategies?

There isn't one blanket recruitment message or strategy that will successfully entice all potential volunteers. By developing a recruitment strategy you can identify when and how you will recruit for positions and plan for any associated costs (e.g. advertising).

Evaluating the strategy you use to recruit for a volunteer position is important as it allows the club to see what did and did not work and why. This can be useful to ensure a more effective recruitment next time around and also for succession planning/keeping records. Keep in mind that the success of a method can vary from year to year for a number of reasons (e.g. the time or year or financial restrictions).

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