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What benefits does your club offer volunteers?

Volunteering can provide many benefits to individuals, clubs and the community as a whole. Because people volunteer for different reasons, it is important to outline the benefits your club can offer volunteers. Doing so will help your club attract volunteers and give you a clear understanding of their needs.

To best ‘sell’ what your club can offer volunteers, ask your current volunteers how they have benefited from their experience. Then use this information to promote volunteering in your club.

  • Potential benefits of volunteering for a club:
    • parents and children spend time together
    • make new friends and have fun
    • access to free training and resources
    • learn and share new skills
    • increase knowledge and improve skills
    • make a contribution
    • opportunities for travel
    • take on new challenges
    • explore a career
    • earn academic credit
    • expand personal experiences
    • set a good example for kids
    • help reduce costs for members
    • become part of a community and/or be a part of a team
    • maintain fitness
    • opportunities for recognition
    • re-live childhood sporting memories
  • How to use this information to attract new volunteers:
    • Promote benefits in flyers and websites, which the Volunteer Coordinator can refer to when talking to potential volunteers.
    • Promote benefits in advertisements for volunteering opportunities.
    • Produce a brochure listing the benefits of volunteering for your club.
    • Write media articles highlighting the benefits of volunteering in your club.
    • Post YouTube clips of existing members talking about the benefits of volunteering in your club (put on your website, Facebook, etc.).

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  • Ask members what they think the benefits of volunteering are at your club
  • Confirm club volunteer benefits with the committee
  • Determine ways to use these benefits to attract more volunteers
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