Handover Procedures

Have a transparent, brief and consistent procedure for when a volunteer departs their role. This will assist the club enormously with forward planning, and again ensure a smooth transition from one volunteer to the next.

There are two documents a club could consider to assist this:

A Volunteer Exit Checklist

This document can be completed by the Volunteer coordinator or a committee member. It includes such information as whether keys, folders, if equipment etc has been collected, whether the handover report has been completed, if there are any outstanding financial issues, whether the exiting position holder has been officially thanked for their contribution, etc.

A Volunteer Handover report

The volunteer will complete this before departing the role or club. It requests such information as who their key contacts and support people are, any outstanding issues to follow up, any major changes to the role description or to the procedures of the role, any feedback or recommendations they may have either to the successor or more broadly to the club.

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