Submitting a great application


Timing is crucial when it comes to applying for grants. Once you have identified the need and the appropriate grant, the next step is to assess whether the timing fits into the club’s operational needs. Many grant processes take several months after the closing date to finalise.

During the grant application process, consideration needs to be given to:

  • the time of year (how busy is the club / grant writer?)
  • the time needed to pull the application together
    • how long is the form?
    • are supporting documents required (Incorporation certificate, strategic plan, etc) and are they readily available?
    • is a letter of support required, will the person have time to write it and get it to you?
  • submitting the application on time
  • the deadline set by the granting organisation to spend the money
  • if you could proceed without the grant
  • how the grant will be issued (does the club get the funding upfront to spend, or does the club need to spend the money and submit the receipts to be reimbursed?)
  • Example of a grant process:
    1. Applications are received by the closing date.
    2. Applications are screened for eligibility (does your application tick all the required boxes).
    3. Receipt of the application will be acknowledged by the organisation.
    4. Applications are assessed against selection criteria (if guidelines allow and additional information is needed, applicants are sometimes contacted to provide missing information).
    5. Applications are ranked and then selected.
    6. Recommendations are forwarded for approval (this can take some time depending on the organisation).
    7. Successful and unsuccessful applicants are notified.


Applying for grants can be time consuming but the pay off if you are successful makes it worth the while. It pays to speak to the organisation offering the grant to gain clarification or talk about whether your intended application would be suitable before writing the application.

Preparing for success

Many organisations that offer grants will also provide comprehensive advice and even workshops on submitting winning applications. Take advantage of these.

Our Community Funding Centre website has plenty of helpful advice when it comes to being prepared for and submitting a great grant application. Take the time to browse through this advice to truly prepare yourself and give your club the greatest possible chance of securing funding.

10 Top Tips for Getting a Grant

  • Patrick Moriarty of Our Community suggests the following 10 considerations when submitting a grant.
    1. Plan for grants - know exactly what you want the funding for.
    2. Why do you need this funding? - be clear about your reasons.
    3. Don’t ask any one funder for 100% of your budget for the project - have contributions from other sources where possible.
    4. Wherever possible work in partnerships - who else could contribute?
    5. Be realistic with your timeframes - can you really deliver in the time the grant maker gives you?
    6. Construct a portfolio of funding - ie how will this project be sustained beyond the life of this funding?
    7. Read the guidelines - make sure your project is eligible for the grant.
    8. Do your homework on the grant maker - what have they funded in the past?
    9. Get ready well in advance of the closing date.
    10. Be ready to go if / when you get the funding.

Remember, if your club is unsuccessful in obtaining a grant, follow up and find out why, so you can improve your chances next time.

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