Keeping Records

It is good practice to keep an up-to-date record or database of your volunteers. This could be a separate file or part of the club’s membership database. The management of this database is a great role for a virtual volunteer - that is, someone who is happy to work remotely to maintain records for the club. There are many online tutorials that demonstrate how to create a simple database in Excel. Two examples can be found on the websites: WonderHowTo and Sport England.

Reasons to keep records of volunteers

There are many benefits of keeping records of volunteers. Records:

  • paint a picture of who is / isn’t volunteering in the club
  • help determine strategies for engaging new volunteers
  • assist in succession planning
  • capture volunteers’ length of service and essential details (for awards, life membership, etc.)
  • allow the club to keep track of police checks
  • help determine the volunteer budget needed.

Records to keep about each volunteer:

  • contact Details
  • emergency contacts
  • method of engagement (i.e. member, parent, external, replied to ad etc.)
  • skills/knowledge
  • current role
  • past roles
  • availability
  • criminal history check / screening record
  • Training (type, date, who paid etc.)
  • reimbursements
  • ambulance cover
  • recognition given
  • birthdays / special anniversaries
  • length of service
  • achievements
  • shirt size
  • their recommendations
  • their exit interview notes

Records of potential volunteers

  • A club’s volunteer database could also include an area for potential volunteers. These are people who are not quite ready to volunteer or who may need a break from volunteering but are still interested in helping in the future. It is critical to keep a record of these people and keep in touch with them. A personal approach in the future may be all that someone needs to begin or bring them back to volunteering.

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