Policies & Procedures

A successful club requires proactive, supportive work behind the scenes. STARCLUBs create and implement policies and procedures that protect volunteers by preventing serious situations arising or managing them effectively if they do. STARCLUBs also use their volunteer induction processes to ensure volunteers are aware of the policies applicable to them and the club.

Type of club membership affects policies

The policies a club implements will vary depending on the sport, the size of the club and, importantly, on its type of membership. If a club:

  • is run entirely by volunteers, there are requirements under the Volunteer Protection Act 2001 (VP)
  • is an 'employer' (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking or PCBU), there are requirements under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (WHS).

Organisations with one or more employee

Organisations with only volunteers

Payment to volunteers

Policies and measures to protect your club and its volunteers

Before creating any policies or measures, contact your State or National Sporting Organisation. Many will have policies you can adapt for your club.

Volunteers as Members

Risk management plan

Member protection policy

Volunteers and children

Code of behaviour

Volunteers and insurance

  • Other recommended policies:

      (Contact your SSO for templates and examples)

    • Volunteer management
    • Volunteer reimbursement
    • Equal opportunity
    • Senior selection policy
    • Junior selection policy
    • Conflict of interest
    • Complaint handling
    • Confidentiality
    • Extreme weather
    • Privacy
    • Food handling
    • Alcohol management
    • Smoke free
    • Gambling
    • Safe transport
    • Communications policy
    • Event management
    • Infectious diseases

Download the Australian Sports Commission’s ‘Sporting clubs guide to a safe workplace’ for information, advice and factsheets.

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