Action Plan

  • Why do you need an Action Plan?
    • to get your club up to speed when it comes to managing your volunteers
    • to re-energise your current practices
    • to help share the load among the committee and others
    • to put a timeline on when things will be addressed
    • to establish policies and procedures around volunteers
    • to make managing volunteers a smoother, more predictable, more successful process
  • Who should develop the Action Plan?

    Volunteer Coordinators (VC’s) can develop and take ownership of the action plan but it may be overwhelming for them. They will need support from the committee, but regardless of who develops the plan, it should be a document that the club owns and is retained if the VC leaves.

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Find Them
  • Area
  • Action
  • Target Date
  • Leader
  • Cost
  • Priority (HML)
  • Done
Volunteer Coordinator
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  • Role
  • Determine how club will
    structure a Volunteer
    Coordinator or team
  • Role
  • Develop role description
    for VC
Attract Volunteers
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  • Club Culture
  • Create a survey to assess
    the culture of your club
Recruit Volunteers
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